CFCFPLPL Week 2/38


Last week


First up, thanks to:

Aslan the Melon
ATLantanham Bravospur
Benoit's Smart Car
Brendan Darr
Brett Rainbow
Danny Blanchflower
Danny Boy18
Mark s Deamer
Perpetual Dark Horse
Polkaroo (again, because he missed a result - if any result is missed, please just leave your prediction for any datamonkey to input manually!)
Richie C.
Waiting for Shaq

All you guys got your predictions in without problems. Thanks!

The following entrants have all officially defaulted their first week to a full round of 1-0 home wins unless they agree otherwise with their respective kind and forgiving datamonkeys:

Little Geeber

You guys are poopies. You get three strikes in this game. I expect an explanation and for you not to screw up next week. It's a waste of datamonkey time if you're not going to bother submitting your predictions on time. Come on, man.


Thanks to all datamonkeys except swede4spurs and Perpetual Dark Horse for completing the data amassed by participants above. swede4spurs and PDH's data remains undone.

a_numbers_game and Maverickwearingspurs had no data to input but are also both missing in action (so someone will need to input all the 1-0s), and I still don't have an email for swede4spurs or Maverickwearingspurs. Get it together, guys, this is stressful shit for me.

As datamonkeying is more pressing, I'd really like some help deciding what to do. Do we just replace? Re-allocate their data? I make it that we have 4 datamonkeys not doing their jobs this week, and 11 who did. Is that workable for reallocation?

This week


Submit your predictions here, a.s.a.p.!

Datamonkeys only

Once the final PL fixture is completed (Chelsea-Villa, today) you can update the spreadsheets with the scores for predictions (2 for each exact match, 1 for correct result (W/D/L) and nothing for a wrong result. Please enter that in the appropriate place in the spreadsheet. Refer back to the instructions if unsure.

For clarity: you should only enter the data of your allocated clients, which will be either two or three. You should enter all of your allocated data - if they didn't submit predictions, then all their predictions are 1-0 home win. If a result is missing, that result is a 1-0 home win. Check the responses spreadsheet to see if they did get in their missing results and update accordingly before you input.

If you are even remotely unsure, LOOK AGAIN AT THE VIDEO. If you are still unsure, ask in the comments section. But LOOK AT THE VIDEO please. Some of the questions I've been asked really indicate that people haven't seen it and are doing things wrong, so please PLEASE just use the video. The video is in this fanpost, which also matches your datamonkey number (e.g. D12 Maverickwearingspurs) to your clients (e.g. D12 - 33, 34: Bradyslo, JaffaSpurs). You then have ONE Excel file with multiple sheets. One of those sheets will be, in this case, for Bradyslo, the other for JaffaSpurs, and you update it as the year goes on.

As I've said, I still need swede4spurs and Maverickwearingspurs to write their emails in here. Otherwise, the rest of you datamonkeys will have access and email links to the responses sheet immediately, allowing you greater flexibility with your time.

If you are unable to input in any given week, please email your spreadsheet to someone else to do for you. Remember, everyone - you are working in only ONE Excel file, do NOT start a new file. Add the goals scored, goals conceded, W/D/L etc up. Please refer again to the video if you're confused by what you need to do. Do not, whatever you do, keep doing something wrong for several weeks. If you let me know now, we have no problems. LOOK. AT. THE. VIDEO!!

The responses will appear here once I've enabled the sharing with your email (give me a minute). Datamonkeys only will be able to access this.

Ok, that's all. Predict away.

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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