Tottenham Hotspur to bid for Juan Mata after missing out on Willian

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to add some creativity to the squad, Tottenham Hotspur have enquired about Chelsea attacker Juan Mata.

As if this summer transfer season was not weird enough, the Daily Mail is now reporting that Tottenham Hotspur are looking at purchasing Juan Mata from Chelsea. The Chelsea midfielder is, allegedly, now on the fringes of the squad due to the aquisition of Willian, the return of Kevin de Bruyne, and the wealth of other attacking talent that Chelsea possess. Atletico Madrid are also believed to be interested in Mata, though they would only be taking the player on loan.

The Telegraph is reporting that Spurs have merely made an inquiry into Mata's availability, but have already been rebuffed by Chelsea management.

This rumor is incredibly stupid for a number of reasons. First, Juan Mata was the best player in the Premier League last year. I know that Gareth Bale won all sorts of awards, but Mata was head and shoulders above him and everyone else in terms of performance. In 65 games last season Mata had 20 goals and 35 assists. THIRTY FIVE ASSISTS! Seriously, 35, including 17 in the Premier League. Mata had a hand (or a foot) in 55 goals last season. Name one other player that came even close (HINT: You can't.).

Putting aside the fact that selling Mata is stupid because he's awesome, Chelsea just "stole" Willian from Spurs. Abramovich, if you believe certain reports, was happy to plop down £30 million in order to prevent Spurs from getting better. Why then, would he sell of Juan Mata to Spurs?

The only possible explanation for this actually being a thing is if Jose Mourinho doesn't rate Juan Mata. I'm not sure how this could even possibly given Mata's performance last year. Mourinho has made no secret of his desire to bring in Wayne Rooney and in recent weeks Mata has been rumored to be part of a swap deal for Rooney's services.

This is quite literally, the stupidest transfer rumor ever and I do not understand it. I don't know why Mourinho doesn't doesn't want the league's best #10 in his team and I certainly know why Chelsea would willingly improve their rivals after going out of their way to pip them for one of their top transfer targets. Take this whole thing with the entire salt mine.

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