A squad that will only get better

The exciting thing about this season's transfer window is that Spurs have not just built a side for this forthcoming season, they have assembled a side that would appear to be a squad that the club can carry into the next three to five years.

This is a particularly young side. You look at the core of this squad - Vertonghen, Paulinho, Dembele, Sandro, Capoue and they are all 24 to 26. You're looking at a core of players who can stick together for a number of years and form a really tight, well-oiled unit.

Additionally, we've now assembled an incredibly talented group of younger players - Walker, Lamela, Townsend, Chiriches, Holtby, Siggurdson, Kane, Rose, Carroll, Fryers and hopefully soon Eriksen.

All of these players are going to get better and most of them look to have incredibly high ceilings. It will be surprising if a number of those players don't take their games to new levels over the next couple of years. It's nice to look at say the ten position - and think that we only need one of Holtby, Siggurdson or Eriksen to find another gear and that's another whole filled (and relatively cheaply). One would expect, the competition between them will be positive, especially given what we've seen from AVB's man management of younger players.

Of course, we've got a number of senior players - Soldado, who despite being in his late twenties has really only just come into his prime as a late-blooming striker - plus our old favourites in Kaboul, Dawson and Defoe. Any squad needs that experience and the old-heads who can guide the younger players, and we've got just enough of it in my view. And our old Spurs-boys would also appear to be players who aren't going to spit the dummy as younger players challenge their positions.

To me, there's a distinct contrast with the players we let go - most of whom were players that had already reached their ceiling and yet that was only good enough to see them have bit-parts in our side.

We don't yet know what this squad is capable of. We don't know how high some of young players can go, and how quickly they will get there. It already looks like a team that can, and should, reach Champions League next year. However, what Spurs fans should really be excited about is that there is the potential that this unit can mould into a true Premiership contender. Like AVB, I'm bottling up any expectations that might happen this year, but the one thing that you can take as given, is that - even with little or no future transfer activity - we're going to be better next year and even better the year after that. What's more, we've done it without blowing out our finances.

It's hard not to be excited about the future given we also look forward to a new Stadium, which when combined with Champions League revenue, will allow us to grow our wage structure and keep our players as they bloom.

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