Why We Should All Hope Gareth Bale Succeeds at Real Madrid


One of the worst transfer sagas is basically complete.

One of the best players to have ever worn the shirt will be departing the shores of the UK and moving across the channel on a private plane provided by our "partner" club. A transfer saga that I am glad has ended, after 3 full months of the same day-out. This one hurts more than the others. It has hurt more than the Berbs, Modric, Sheringham, and Carrick. It has been a long, long summer. Our hopes dangling in the open, exposed to the elements of this silly season.

But this isn't a post of sadness or remorse. This is a post of celebration [insert Dave Chapelle gif]. For the past 6 years, I have witnessed a young, skinny 18 year old left-back transform into an absolute machine of a footballer. I remember the doubt cast on him from the beginning. It was just as absurd as the price-tag he is being quoted at now. There is no better vindication than proving the doubters wrong, and as supporters, we basked in this vindication that he provided. Ever since those glorious European nights, we have chanted his name like we have chanted our hymns. Such conviction and happiness with his every touch of the ball. Too many great memories, all mashed together with no particular organization.

He was Tottenham. He was born to play for Tottenham. He will always be Tottenham.

Which brings me to my point. With all due respect to Southampton's contribution, Bale's progression during his time with us is significant. It's significant in the fact that our 18 year old left-back morphed into a 24 year old winger who could bring devastation with a single run. From a flimsy teenager to one of the most feared players of the Premier League...if not the world at this point. Those 6 years are our years. They can never be taken away from us, and they are a chapter in his career. Tottenham can lay claim to the production of a world superstar. Wherever he goes, he will always represent our club. He will always carry the burden of our ethos which no doubt has been instilled in him for the past half-decade.

I want him to succeed. I want him to do well at a club that I have little respect for, while in a league that I have lost all respect for. Like a parent, he will always be our baby. It hurts that he decided to transfer from our Alma Mater to a different school, but it was our institution who took the chance on him and it was our institution where he has become who he is today. I'm proud of him. Extremely proud. You all should be proud of him too. What he did last season embodied everything that I love about this club. To Dare is To Do was etched into his every shot, every touch, and every run.

Bale (first time I've mentioned him by name) did well by us and we did well by him. He played the Tottenham way because he only knows the Tottenham way. He is the epitome of Tottenham. And for all we know, he'll be coming back for a PG we're not relegated from the Danish 2nd Division.

Farewell Gareth, and I'm sure we'll see you soon.

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