Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 16, 2013

Jamie McDonald

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Happy Monday, Spursland! OK, somebody, anybody, I need a paper clip. Yeah I know I could rest the clock with a pen, which is totally how they should make those reset buttons. What do you mean you don't know what clock I am talking about? The clock we set up counting down Luka's departure for Madrid. And then we reset the clock for Bale. Of course we need to rest this thing for 2 years/the next major international trophy for Eriksen. Kinda brought you down there didn't I? Don't worry it will be pushed to the back of your mind by Christmas. It will still be ominously present but not at the forefront of your daily thoughts. Until next year.

And now the "news"

Fans Defy FA Warning With Yid Army Chanting-The Guardian

Lets not rush to judge, it is usually a pretty safe bet that the FA has gotten whatever it is doing at the moment wrong.

Spurs To Consult Fans On Chanting-BBC

There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things, and then there is the Tottenham way to do things. This is the latter, it is what makes us difference. There isn't a joke here, because for once sincerity rears it's delightful little head.

Soldado Salutes Eriksen-Telegraph

Siggy just can't get any love. Which you would think would be easy to get for a guy whose middle name is Thor.

Bale And Ronaldo Could Be Unstoppable at Real-SB Nation

I only include this because I find it funny that that writer from SB Nation Soccer you all hate, well he wrote another thing you will hate.

MLS Expansion Seems To Focus On South East-SB Nation Soccer

It would seem to be a smart move, The South East has a deep tradition of insanely passionate sporting culture (hello SEC Football) but has historically not seen a large amount of pro sports. Then again the NHL has tried to break into this market before, a few times, such as the flash in the pan (get it, no... do you get it) Atlanta flames. It doesn't always work. Best of luck MLS.

Exclusive! The Real Reason FIFA Voted In Qatar-SB Nation

Dude, fuck this, I had literally blocked out the fact that this happened. Sepp can meet me in the cage for one round, I don't need 3, I just need one.

Ronaldo Signs Contract Extension-SB Nation Soccer

Much like the daily mail, and more than a few smaller but just as shitty "news" outlets I am considering banning Madrid, not the club the entire city from the Hoddle. This summer has just been too much.

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