Andros Townsend! Yay or Nay?

Recently I have seen a lot of articles written about the young Andros Townsend and have equally seen mixed opinions towards the young winger, so I thought i'd discuss a little further.


Its no secret that Townsend likes shooting, let me re-phrase that, LOVES shooting. So far this season he has had more shots than any other player in a Tottenham shirt, a statistic thats sure to get Jermain Defoe a little jealous, as we all know hard he works to receive that accolade each year. This love of shooting was highlighted on Saturday when we played Norwich, he had nine attempts, which might lead you to believe he's the new Gareth Bale, but sadly six were of target and those destined for the back of the net were no trouble for Ruddy, as they were what you might describe as 'pea rollers'; just to drop some primary school slang in their, unnecessary i know!

Back to the subject matter, Townsend is a very capable and gifted player, we have seen glimpses of his promise, sadly few have been in a Spurs shirt. He did manage a standout performance in the Europa league this season, singly handedly taking apart Tbilisi; Yes, but who's ever heard of them i hear you ask! And to be fair, probably nobody ever has, but Andros did show what he was made of, taking the ball from the edge of our penalty area to the edge of theirs in a matter of seconds before smashing an across goal shot beyond their keeper; who's name i can't find.

At just 22 years of age its undoubted that he is one for the future, and future stars have to be given game time in order to flourish and mature. It is going to be hard for him to cement a place in this years Tottenham team and you can't help get the feeling he is desperate to impress. Having 16 shots in the past three games only highlights this thought. He is a very good dribbler of the ball with a high dribble completion rate, he just needs to look for overlapping runs or for the run of Soldado when he gets near the oppositions box.

Another point to make about Townsend is that he does have good crossing ability as well as his shooting. If he can begin to mature in terms of decision making when on the pitch we may start to see him grab a couple of assists, especially with Soldado lurking in the box. He just needs to learn when it's a good idea to shoot and when its better to go outside a man and put a ball into the box, or when to look for the overlapping run of Walker down the right hand side, or even more simple just pass the ball! At the moment it does feel like there is one thought racing round his mind as soon as he receives the ball in the opposition half, SHOOOOT!

He was reported of saying he was the man to step into Gareth Bales shoes following his departure a few weeks back, confidence in a football player can never be written of as a bad trait, he also shows a lot of belief, you can tell he wants to score and he feels he has the ability to score. This willingness to shoot has brought him under fire amongst many Tottenham fans of late, but given his age and the fact we have seen him net goals from 30 odd yards for fun; albeit it may not have been in a Tottenham shirt, nevertheless the ability is there, and the sooner the fans get behind him I think the sooner he will find his rhythm, consequently finding the back of the net.

Andros picked up QPR's player of the season award last year after only joining them in January, he went on to score 12 goals there which is more of an achievement than it sounds, considering their team were relegated and most looked like they didn't actually want to play football. Maybe thats were this 'one man on a mission' syndrome has come from and he hears 'eye of the tiger' in his head every time he has the ball. My only advice for Townsend this season would to be work with the players around you, its a team effort and we have a very good team! If he can do this i can see him having a sensational season, going on to become a key player at Spurs! The futures bright!! COYS!!!!!

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