Commentariate Podcast! Who wants one?

Since we're never getting another Podcast from the writers here at CFC, a commentariate podcast seems like a great idea. Most of the writers on this site are a bit older and have shit that they need to accomplish in their real actual lives, in addition to writing the articles which will inevitably go unread. On the other hand, plenty of commenters (such as myself) are still in undergrad and have plenty of free time. Also there are simply more commenters than there are writers (duh) so there will be older commenters with free time to make a podcast.

I'm going to attach a poll to gauge interest in listenership (not a word but whatevs). If you're interested in participating, even if you've expressed interest in the legendary Hoddle of 1-13-14 (Happy 53rd Birthday Dad!!!!!) comment below. Also in include in your comment what times would be best for you. There is certainly a timezone issue that we'll come across, but we'll deal with that later. The poll will just be for if you want the podcast to happen in some way, shape, or form.


In order to make a successful podcast, a few things need to be established. I'll run down a list of potential starting roles and items we'll need to cover. This won't be exhaustive, so please, if you have experience running a podcast, feel free to add yours in the comments.

To start, we need to determine a few things:

  • A title for the podcast.
  • Determine the frequency of the podcast (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.).
  • The number of podcast participants.
  • The amount of segments on the podcast (upcoming match ups, stats talk, commentariat questions, etc.).
  • How long each podcast will run (45 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, etc.).
  • What hosting software/program to use (Google+, other podcasting software).

After determining these starting items, we'd need to cover the roles of the podcast participants. Let's run down a simple list of the potential roles we'd need to fill for this podcast.


  • Moderator/Host - A great podcast always needs a dedicated moderator/host to keep the podcast in check. This role would essentially give a standard intro and have a series of questions that'd need to be answered during the show.
  • Featured Podcasters - This role is filled by a group of regular podcasters that are part of the broadcasts. In this role, the featured podcasters would answer the questions posed by the moderator. They'd chime in with their insight, and engage in debate.
  • Guest Podcasters - This role would feature irregular podcasters, those who'd like to contribute to the podcast, but are unable to on a regular basis. Examples of guest podcasters would include people from other blogs to talk about upcoming matchups, or experts talking about a specific subject for the week.
  • Editor - This role is optional. Essentially, this person would take the raw podcasts and edit for any dead air. They'd also add any additional sound, such as intro and exit music.

So there it is. This is only a very general overview of what would need to be accomplished and decided upon. I've setup a poll to gauge initial interest, so please leave your votes and comments below. Thanks!

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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