Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 15, 2014

Charlie Crowhurst

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with departures.

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! I've been worried about this since summer. Big time players brought in, 11 total slots on the team. You got guys who were already here and very good, you got the up and comers who need playing time. This was bound to happen and I am amazed it took until the middle of the transfer window for players to start chumming the media for a transfer.

I almost thought it wouldn't happen, like we dodged a bullet when all of December passed without this stuff happening, but we've known all along haven't we that it was either going to be Holtby or Eriksen and we knew we would be losing some of our wide players. People joke about Chelsea having too many attacking midfielders, but look at how many first team quality wingers we have. That should be the joke.

And now the "news"

Spurs Seek To Poach Forest Keeper Prospect- Mirror

Hugo Lloris is still kind of young and Petr Cech has proven keepers can play for basically infinity seasons. So I assume this Means Old Man brad who has plays infinity seasons is calling it quits and Gomes is going to stop stealing checks from us and start earning them somewhere else.

Drake Responsible For Defoe's Move To Canada- News Net 5

Submitted without comment, but I anticipate the comments section looking a lot like this right about now.

Zlatan Asks Klopp When Dortmund Will Buy Him- SB Nation Soccer

Zlatan is that guy who you think it would be awesome to be friends with from afar and the instant you meet him in person you realize he is a piece of shit. I imagine it's exactly the plot to Get Him To The Greek, complete with similarly bad hair for the famous guy and no heart warming (maybe) ending.

Zlatan Really LIKES ZALTAN'S GOAL- SB Nation Soccer

Seriously it would be like Get Him To The Greek. I hope Ryan Rosenblatt plays the Jonah Hill character because A) he wouldn't gush over Zlatan on twitter and B) I want to see Ryan get really, really fat.

The New Arsenal Kit's Leak?- The Short Fuse

These are horrific. These are like something out of the Instagram account for a character on Girls. That or from whatever planet Zubaz came from. I feel truly sorry for the sweat shop workers who have to look at these things all day. Their poor eyes :-(. Also their literally poor economic status, but also their eyes.

Why Subsidizing Tickets Is More Than A Thank You To Fans- Bavarian Football Works

Shout outs (I hate that i just typed that) to the Bavarian Football Workers crew, specifically Davis VanOpdrop. Davis, as you may have guessed, is the whitest man on earth, but he is also a team player who emailed me at like midnight with the Holtby story a few nights ago and he also said nice things about me. He and the team over at BFW do great work that I never seem to link here, mostly because I am lazy. Sorry.

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