Punk's Tech Giveaway: Week Three Standings

Week three is in the books. That went fairly well for a lot of you, though the mid-table matchups tended to throw several of you guys off. Only one person, brometheus, managed to crack double-digits, leading the way with 11 points.

The bonuses went largely untouched, with only four of you managing to get two crucial points to add on to your weekly score. For those who are wondering, here were the bonuses:

Most Shots on Target: Liverpool (10)

Player w/ Most Points: Sturridge / Giroud (3)

Most saves by keeper: Howard / De Gea (7)

Many of you went with some obvious choices like Manchester City for the SOT bonus. I wasn't expecting Howard or De Gea to lead the saves category, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Also, I have made the necessary corrections to the bonus from last week, but to save my sanity, I'm going to just post up the total standings and put your week three points in parentheses.


The Top Four

Zen Garden - 24 Points (9)

brometheus - 24 Points (11)

Shiro Kabocha - 21 Points (8)

Geoff Vader - 20 Points (8)

Knocking on the door

Gylfi - Viking Lord of the North - 19 Points (7)

BurqueSpurs - 19 Points (7)

Eriver - 18 Points (5)

spanishformonsters - 17 Points (5)

Solved - 17 Points (5)

Tottenham Makes Me Cry - 16 Points (6)

Rest of the Table

f22a4bandit - 15 Points (9)

Aslan the Melon - 14 Points (6)

Chemo - 14 Points (4)

pd8258 - 14 Points (9)

EstoBlue - 13 Points (4)

CrimsonTribe - 13 Points (5)

BraveSpurs - 12 Points (7)

Benoit's Smart Car - 12 Points (7)

-Shane - 9 Points (0)

JohnSobs - 7 Points (0)

Tom Spurrific - 6 Points (0)

SomeWhiteGuy - 5 Points (0)

Cousin_Drew - 5 Points (0)

Fields Offensive - 4 Points (0)

Dr. Martin Van Nostrand - 2 Points (0)

So there are your Week Three standings. I said that this would be a four week contest, and we are sticking to that. However, the bonus round for Week Four will be a little more plentiful. I also have not decided on potential tiebreakers, and while I would rather use the highest point total from an individual week, I don't think it's fair to say that now. If you guys want to roll with that, I'm okay with it because, outside of Zen and Brometheus, no one has cracked double digits (Gylfi, your bonus in round two brought you down to nine, FYI) so it could be decided in the last round.

I'll put up a poll and let you guys decide.

There are no fixtures posted in this, obviously. I will be posting the fixture list on Tuesday.

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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