Don't let a good man drown in the wreckage

Saturday was more comedy than tragedy. If you gift the opposition four goals, that is likely curtains if you're playing Mansfield, let alone Chelsea, who may never do as little to earn such a handsome victory in a notionally challenging fixture.

Amongst the whirling clown shoes and anguished wailing, a lot of talented individuals in white shirts must have thought "why me? I'm a superstar in waiting on my one-way ticket to the stars. I came to the premier league for the glamour and recognition, and here I am choking on a shit sandwich of obscene dimensions."

The answer, as any fan could have told these stricken players, is Spurs. Spurs happened all over the pitch in that second half, and we all got wet. Spurs has been happening for decades and nothing suggests it is about to stop.

But while none of the players took any responsibility, understandable given the 'here today, gone tomorrow' turnover that has become the norm, the manager did. Chewing on his words, Tim Sherwood was not acting his discomfort. He knew the impossible job had just got 1000% more difficult, and that the club and its fans had been embarrassed, and the players had let him down badly. But in the diabolical soup of Stamford Bridge, one Spurs man showed some pride and that was Sherwood.

Ironically, he'll be the first out the door in summer, while players that have simpered around pitches at 40% capacity will be lured with wage increases. They might stay or go, depending on the next revolution in our never-ending series of revolutions, but the man has passed a decade at the club will be discarded with misplaced relief.

I'm not saying he's a great manager. Clearly, he isn't yet. But he's shown enough guts and determination, enough adaptability, enterprise, intelligence, character and humour to show why he was so highly rated at the academy, and with his double-cockeral spurs credentials, why he was earmarked for the top job eventually.

But he was pitched in to the deep end too soon. Sherwood was never meant to have been manager this season. That was our septic spill he was cleaning up. A dubious appointment followed by a dubious firing, a rebellious, imbalanced squad, an unpromising position in an ultra-competitive season. If Sherwood's job seemed any less impossible than David Moyes', it was only because he was doing better.

It would be a disaster if we sacrificed our most promising young coach on the altar of quick fixes and flavour of the months that will follow in the summer. I hope he can survive the season with some dignity and we can find a way to keep him involved, or at least keep a relationship while he furthers his education at a lower-ranked club.

Tim Sherwood is not responsible for the mess above or below him at Spurs, and yet he's the only one willing to show for it. But it would be just typical of our perennially under-achieving club if we hang him out dry for it, and then he wins the league somewhere else.

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