SPURS AMRY'S Plan of ATTACK: 4-3-2-1

At work I was sitting at my desk, completing tax returns, when my mind wondered to one of its many dream worlds. SPURSLAND! There I was left thinking of what would be a fun formation for our supreme ruler manager to try next. Before I knew it, I had an idea so crazy, so unbelievable, that it just might work. The plan? Deploying SPURS ARMY in positions that they are naturals in, one might even say suited for. The average onlooker might point out that there are no wide players in attack. For this you would be correct, but would anyone use the phrase "defensive juggernaut" to describe Walker and Rose? No, didn't think so. The point of this formation is to release the SPURS ARMY on to our opponents, with their best weapons in hand (No, we didn't sign Henry). So let me breakdown my thought process behind each player's positioning and their role.

GK: Lloris. This one is pretty simple, he just needs to keep being a top 10 keeper in the world and hopefully avoid the occasional "Gomes" moments that he has had so far this year. He occasionally thinks that he's a human cruise missile rather than a keeper. K.I.S.S because you're the best keeper we have had in....yeah.

RB: Walker. Can he head the ball? Yup. He's in! All jokes aside, they're naughton funny, Walker will provide width with his marauding runs down the flank without nipping at Lennon's heals. He's best used in attack, so let's make providing width when we have possession his primary concern.

CB: Kaboul. Younes is like an ancient artifact that you spend a lot of money on to go look at in a museum that's protected by bulletproof glass. How you might ask? Well, they're rumors of a mystical power, that when released cannot be stopped. However, like everything else in a museum protected by bulletproof glass, he's extremely fragile and the slightest touch may destroy whatever remains of his physical being. Needless to say, when fit, he should ALWAYS start over Dawson.

CB: Vertonghen. Super Jan will look to provide his excellent passing skills in order to kick start attacks from the back. He's nimble on the ball and a good defender when not paired with the slow footed Dawson. I love Dawson, I really do, but father time has not been so kind to his pace.

LB: Rose. Copy exactly everything that was said about Walker to here, substitute Lennon for whomever our supreme ruler manager has placed as our left sided attacker and, throw in the occasional wonder goal against Arsenal and BOOM. There we have it, a back line that resembles most team's midfields in terms of attacking and defending ability. #YOLOSWAG

DM: Sandro. While ¾'s of our backline is showing their attacking prowess, someone needs to chill out with our ancient artifact at CB. Doing this is the Brazilian BEAST, intimidating opponents with his vast array of Maui warrior inspired facial hairstyles. Sandro is prefect to sit back protect our attack-line backline.

CM: Dembele. He does it all. He delivers crunching tackles, delicious passes and the occasional goal (he scores when he wants to). Dembele will act as a box-to-box workhorse, capable of physically imposing himself on the game.

CM: Paulinho. Like Dembele, Paulinho will serve as a box-to-box player, which when on his game, can control proceedings with his rare combination of physicality and athleticism. Plus he will provide magical moments of brilliance followed by shots that end up in row "Z".

AM: Sigurdsson. Our supreme ruler's managers of past and present seem to like to play Gylifmane on the wing. NO. Let's play him behind the striker, slightly offset, to show up when it counts to score a screamer. Plus is will be nice to have a second free kick taker over the ball that opposing keepers have to look out for; the only keeper scared of when Walker is over a free kick is the Sunday leaguer sitting by the corner flag.

AM: Eriksen. The Danish VDV, the heir to the throne, enough said.

ST: Soldado. His first touch his 100x better then Ade's and his linkup play with Eriksen is nothing short of magical. He's eventually going to start popping them in, he has to, and his slicked back hair is too sweet to not score.

So there you have it, my thoughts on what would be a fun lineup for SPURS ARMY, dreamt up in SPURSLAND. What do you guys think?

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