Punk's Tech Giveaway - Week Four Results and Final Standings!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have winners in the house!

Week four was just as crazy as I expected it to be. The fixture list was long and had plenty of surprise results that ended up being swing points in some tight battles. The bonuses, however is what really was make or break for everyone. Let's go over the Week Four results first before I announce the final standings and the winners!

The most points scored on the fixtures alone in week four was a tie between CrimsonTribe and Tottenham Makes Me Cry, both managing 12 points. pd8258 WOULD have had the highest amount with 14 points, but his selections came after the Saturday games kicked off and, thus, was disqualified in the fourth round.

Bonuses are all over the place. The highest amount scored was, once again, by Tottenham Makes Me Cry with an impressive 21 points. TMMC, you owe Buffon something nice, because he alone got you 13 points. Balotelli didn't even play and Zlatan only had one point. Suarez picked up the slack with 7 points.

There were a lot of big players picked, as expected, but the goalkeepers were a big factor. Sirigu, Lloris, Howard, and De Sanctis were all chosen and all had clean sheets, thus giving an extra five points for everyone who picked those players. Those of you who chose Zlatan, Bale, or Sturridge were left disappointed in their totals. Zlatan only picked up one, Bale managed just 1.5, while Sturridge put up a big fat goose egg.

So, here is the Week Four breakdown. The bold number is the total points scored. Second number is the points from fixtures. After that is the bonus breakdown.

(10) Brometheus: 10 points – Did not pick any players so no bonus.

(24.5) ZenGarden: 7 points – Hazard 5, Ronaldo 4.5, Zlatan 1, Sirigu 7 (BONUS 17.5)

(23.5) F22a4bandit: 7 points – Zlatan 1, Suarez 7, Bale 1.5, Sirigu 7 (BONUS 16.5)

(26.5) Shiro Kabocha: 7 points – Zlatan 1, Ronaldo 4.5, Suarez 7, Lloris 7 (BONUS 19.5)

(25.5) CrimsonTribe: 12 points – Bale 1.5, Zlatan 1, Hazard 5, Howard 6 (BONUS 13.5)

(19.5) Eriver: 10 points – Bale 1.5, Zlatan 1, Sturridge 0, Lloris 7 (BONUS 9.5)

(21.5) Benoit’s Smart Car – 9 points – Hazard 5, Zlatan 1, Lasogga .5, De Sanctis 6 (BONUS 12.5)

(29.5) Chemo – 10 points – Ronaldo 4.5, Zlatan 1, Suarez 7, Lloris 7 (BONUS 19.5)

(23.5) Bravespurs – 6 points – Hazard 5, Ronaldo 4.5, Zlatan 1, Sirigu 7 (BONUS 17.5)

(8.5) BurqueSpurs – 4 points – Sturridge 0, Bale 1.5, Zlatan 1, Neto 1 (BONUS 4.5)

(33) Tottenham Makes Me Cry – 12 points – Balotelli 0, Zlatan 1, Suarez 7, Buffon 13 (BONUS 21)

(24.5) Gylfi – 9 points – Suarez 7, Bales 1.5, Zlatan 1, De Sanctis 6 (BONUS 15.5)

(15.5) Aslan The Melon – 8 points –Bale 1.5, Eriksen 0, Suarez 7, Boruc -1 (BONUS 7.5)

(20) Solved – 10 points – Suarez 7, Bony 1, Zlatan 1, Stekelenburg 1 (BONUS 10)

(24.5) EstoBlue – 10 points – Ronaldo 4.5, Zlatan 1, Suarez 7, Szczesny 2 (BONUS 14.5)

(29.5) Geoff Vader – 11 points – Suarez 7, Ronaldo 4.5, Ozil 0, Lloris 7 (BONUS 18.5)


(33.5) Pd8258 – 14 points – Suarez 7, Zlatan 1, Ronaldo 4.5, Lloris 7 (BONUS 19.5)


First off, I want to thank everyone for participating in the contest. I hope you all had fun and don't hate me too much for making you pick matches from the FL Championship or digging through names on teams in the Bundesliga.

As I had said at the beginning, there were four prizes and the selections will be made in order of placement on the table. For the winners, we'll be figuring out shipping later on this week. A couple of the items I have yet to do a review on, so we'll talk about timeframe for shipping and all that.

There was no need for the tiebreakers, thankfully. I wasn't sure what the hell to do about Alan Pardew's imitation of a WWE wrestler for discipline. I'm happy it didn't come down to that.

Without further delay, your winners:

CHAMPION: Geoff Vader = 49.5 points total

Geoff Vader had 20 points going into the final round and was just inside the Top 4, but with a strong showing of 29.5 points in the final round, he managed to jump the three ahead of him to take the title. Congratulations, Geoff!

SECOND PLACE: Tottenham Makes Me Cry = 49 points total

TMMC, you seriously better send some kind of thank you email to Buffon's fan club. TMMC was going into the final roound with 16 points, which was tenth place at the time. He managed to be at the top of both the fixture selection and the bonuses, skyrocketing into the second place spot. Congrats, TMMC!

THIRD PLACE: ZenGarden = 48.5 points total

ZenGarden was tied at the top of the table going into the final round. He managed to pick up 24.5 points in the final round, holding strong but getting no help from Zlatan Ibrahimovic (1 point bonus) and, thus, sliding down the table just a bit. He will get third selection from the gear. Congrats, ZenGarden!

And your final spot.......

FOURTH PLACE: Shiro Kabocha = 47 points total

Shiro was near the top of the table throughout the contest and managed to slide into the fourth spot with a solid 26.5 bonus points. Congrats, Shiro Kabocha!

For those interested, he is the final standings for those who made selections in all four rounds:

Geoff Vader - 49.5

Tottenham Makes Me Cry - 49

ZenGarden - 48.5

Shiro Kabocha - 47.5

Gylfi: Viking Lord of the North – 43.5

Chemo - 43.5

CrimsonTribe - 38.5

F22a4bandit - 38.5

Eriver - 37.5

EstoBlue - 37.5

Solved - 37

BraveSpurs - 35.5

Brometheus - 34

Benoit’s Smart Car - 33.5

Aslan the Melon - 29.5

BurqueSpurs - 27.5

Pd8258 = 14 (Would have had 47 total and finished in fifth if the picks had been in on time)

Once again, I thank everyone for participating. For the winners, I'll follow up with you all on Tuesday (Please check this thread then) and we'll talk about shipping and whatnot.

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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