Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 21, 2014

Clive Rose

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with stupid optimism.

Happy Monday, Spursland! Last night Morgan Spurlock's excellent documentary series Inside Man explored the possibilities of human immortality and the people who make it their quest. Personally, I don't see the point. Everything would get boring. How many times can you enjoy a really good meal, or any of the other comforts and pleasures of life? I mean people who live to like 75-95 have trouble appreciating the good things after awhile. Want some proof? The sort of mood around fans the last few months seems to me, at least, to be completely negative. Would it shock you to find out that Spurs have been having their best end to the season in YEARS. The best in YEARS and nobody is happy. Appreciate what you got, people. This season has been weird, it wasn't what we wanted, but god damn it has been a fun ride. (Ed. note: Shut up)

And now the "news"

Welbeck Dislikes Playing Wide, Is Predictably Linked To Arsenal And Tottenham- Guardian

Player's agent seeks to put pressure on his player's current team, puts it out that Arsenal and Tottenham are interested. Same as it ever was rinse and repeat. The laws of history hold firm.

Sherwood Says He Doesn't Know His Best Team- BBC

Gee, i wonder if anyone who will post a comment thinks this is complete bullshit and will be happy to inform him of what the best team is.

Sherwood Hopes To Keep Eriksen This Summer- Sky Sports

Okay, cut the shit dude. You are out of here, and we know you know you are out of here. It has been said you were offered your old position as youth manager back and refused it so this summer you depart. Packing away your pens and clipboards and that shrine I assume you keep to all the great clueless yellers of history. But seriously you are leaving so if you want to "keep" Eriksen you will have to buy him, and whatever desperate, penny pinching club decides to take a chance on you and your newly minted Sky 6 pedigree, or whatever you stamp on your pathetic resume will have to pay. That club won't be able to buy the man whose crosses inhabit my sex dreams, so I suggest you come up with a back up plan.

RSL Fans Troll Seattle With Impressive Vigor- SB Nation Soccer

Vigor is a great word (one that doesn't get used enough in this ultra casual society we live in) and vigorous is exactly how I would describe the troll job RSL fans put on Seattle.

Moyes Could Be On The Brink After Abject Getting Stomped By Everton- The Busby Babe

I am generally against teams sacking managers without giving them a full season and change to get a handle on things, but it should be noted that the Everton-United game played Sunday might just be the most embarrassing performance Manchester United have put out since whenever the last time they were relegated. It was that bad.

A Gallery Of Sports Bunnies- SB Nation

An excellent way to mark Easter weekend, no matter your faith, is to celebrate this gathering time in the height of the spring season by taking an adorable bunny or two and roasting it perfectly and feeding it to your friends. I would do that, but that's for classy people.

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