Should I follow Tottenham Hotspur?

Ahoy, ahoy,

I'm an American looking to start to follow an EPL team this upcoming season. I have no particular affinity for any single team, other than that the Manchester teams are automatically off the table for obvious reasons. I've taken various really dumb quizzes online to see what teams get assigned to me, and the two which are consistently at the top, in either order, are Everton and Tottenham Hotspur.

Things I like about Tottenham Hotspur:

1) Not from a particularly posh part of London. I have a good friend who is trying to convince me to join him in supporting Chelsea, but I'm a bit too working-class in my sensibilities for that. In any case, the thought of a London-based team is nice, since I've spent a lot of time there and no time in Liverpool. My time in the UK has been split between all of Scotland and pretty much just London.

2) Blue is nice. I like blue. (Also applies to Everton)

3) I know he was a real life person, but Harry Hotspur is one of my favorite characters.

4) Good, but not really elite. I wouldn't feel like I'm bandwagon-hopping. (Also applies to Everton.)

Things I don't like:

1) They apparently are dumping the powder blue away kit this year? Boo.

2) My NBA team is the Dallas Mavericks, who have a long-term rivalry with the San Antonio Spurs. It may seem dumb, but it feels like it would be difficult to root for a team that people call "Spurs." I can use the full name, but even typing it over and over again like I am in this post feels very awkward.

3) The only American player right now is Friedel, who seems to be just a backup at this point. Obviously there have been others in the past, including Clint Dempsey who now plays for my local MLS club, Seattle Sounders.

4) In various places (including an SBNation post), I've basically seen it written that Tottenham Hotspur fans are doomed to eternal misery (comparing them to the Chicago Cubs). Since this is a strange opportunity where I can guiltlessly choose my own club, that isn't an inspiring future.

For the most part, both my pros and cons are rather superficial. I've never seen Tottenham Hotspur play a match. Is there something about their style, or how they're run, or about the fan base, that makes them worth rooting for? Why should I choose them over Everton? This is your chance to sell me! (Or you can tl;dr this post. Whatevs.)



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