Tottenham Hotspur Analysis

Whenever we want to put on our thinking caps and actually say something intelligent and thoughtful about Spurs, it goes here.

Why aren't Spurs using Lamela more forward?


A look at the ways in which some of Erik Lamela's long-buried striker powers might be brought to the fore to Tottenham's benefit.

Player Ratings: Halloween Candy Edition


We rate our players after our spooktacular defeat

MOTM: Ryan Mason


Picking a man of the match after a big loss is sometimes difficult, but Tottenham's young central midfielder deserved it.

Meet Monchi, our DoF target


Tottenham Hotspur already have a director of football, but they're reportedly gunning for a new one, and he's one of the best in the business.

Do Spurs need a striker?


Spurs have three strikers. One is starting every league game. Another is killing it every chance he gets in the cups. But the club is rumored to be after another one in the window. We debate if...

Why buying Huntelaar makes financial sense


Ditching Roberto Soldado, even for nothing, and bringing in Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is probably a win for Spurs.

On ditching Roberto Soldado


It's time to accept that Roberto Soldado is not going to regain his value.

Updated Premier League projections


Another week of projections. I talk about why Arsenal and Liverpool still have a solid hold on those third and fourth place spots.

Player Ratings: Saturday Morning Cartoons


Whatever you think you liked from your childhood is wrong. We're here to set the record straight.

Eriksen's strike worthy of man of the match


There were a handful of good performances on Sunday, but only one Tottenham Hotspur player made something out of nothing.

Premier League Projections, Week 6


Updated projections for the top and bottom of the English Premier League.

Kaboul a revelation, or Gallas Pt. 2?


Younes Kaboul was great against Arsenal. That doesn't mean he's a great option going forward.

Poche proves he has more than one trick


Mauricio Pochettino might be more adaptable than we thought.

Player ratings to the theme of cheap beer


Come for our opinions on inexpensive adult beverages, stay for the Tottenham Hotspur chatter.

Kaboul, Capoue or Rose: Who was Man of the Match?


There were a lot of worthy candidates for Man of the Match. Who should win it?

Why I'm sad Cain Hoy walked away from Spurs


Cain Hoy won't be buying Tottenham Hotspur, and it gives me a touch of the feels.

Premier League projections, Week 5


Another week, another London team on the up! This time, it's Arsenal.

The 3 kinds of young stars


Ensuring the progression of Tottenham Hotspur's young talent is the most important job Mauricio Pochettino and his staff have.

Cain Hoy is gone, but fans rift remains


What do we want for our club? And what are we willing to accept to get it?

Premier League Projections


A new week and new projections. A new leader. (It's Chelsea.)

5 things we'd like to see tomorrow


The UEFA Europa League is a chance for Tottenham Hotspur to try new things. Hopefully they see it the same way.

Spurs are fun, so enjoy them


Tottenham Hotspur aren't very serious challengers for top four this year and there's nothing wrong with that.

New, Updated Premier League Projections


The new projections are ready to go. Check 'em out here!

Pochettino must learn to use his squad


Pochettino was badly outmanaged on Sunday. Can he learn the lessons from the match?

Spurs transfer window is largely a success


After the end of the transfer window, it's evolution not revolution for Spurs

Spurs can thrive outside spotlight


The pressure and expectation is off Spurs this year, and the team can finally flourish in its absence.

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