Tottenham Hotspur Match Reports

All of the post-game reports on Spurs matches.

Spurs close American tour with a win


Spurs' American tour came to a close with a win and no injuries, as far as we can tell.

Townsend late goal the difference vs. Toronto


Erik Lamela scored two first half goals, but it was Andros Townsend with a beautiful curling shot that won the match for Spurs in their North American friendly.

Spurs vs. Toronto FC Lineups and Match Thread

Spurs vs. Toronto FC. Watch it and talk about it here, with your friends.

Spurs draw Sounders in opening friendly


And by "for all" I mean "except the four defenders that started the match".

Spurs vs. Villa: Reaction


Spurs are headed to Europa League and got to close out the season on a high note.

Spurs vs. West Ham: Reaction


Perhaps the end of Tim Sherwood?

Spurs vs. Stoke: Reaction


Danny Rose!

Spurs vs. Fulham: Reaction


It wasn't as easy as a home game against Fulham should have been, but hey, a win!

Spurs vs. WBA: Reaction


A bunch of guys ran around on a pitch for 90 minutes and things happened.

Spurs vs. Sunderland: A happy reaction


A win! An attack! Somewhat of a defense! More Christian Eriksen!

Spurs vs. Liverpool reaction


Everyone expected a Liverpool win. No one expected a complete lack of effort.

Gylfi to the rescue!


Spurs were 2-0 down after 30 minutes and came back to win.

Spurs vs. Benfica: Reaction


That was almost awesome.

Spurs vs. Arsenal: Reaction


And now we have to watch eight utterly meaningless games.

Spurs vs. Benfica: Reaction


More terrible stuff from Tottenham. Get pumped about the derby!

Spurs vs. Chelsea: Reaction


Oh whatever.

Bobby scores, nothing else matters


Cardiff and Spurs did not entertain, but Roberto Soldado scored from open play, and that's what matters.

Spurs vs. Dnipro: Reaction


I'm not sure how we got there, but we got there. Let's go win a trophy!

Spurs vs. Norwich: Reaction


Let's be 'avin ya! Come on!

Spurs vs. Dnipro: Reaction


We suck.

Spurs vs. Newcastle: Reaction


Tim Krul had a bad day. Everyone give Tim Krul a hug.

Spurs vs. Everton: Reaction


Three points, y'all.

Spurs vs. Hull: Reaction


Today we make sounds like 'ugh' and 'sigh'.

Spurs vs. Man City: Reaction


At least Spurs didn't lose 6-0, right?

Spurs vs. Swansea: Reaction


A system change, three goals and an away win. It doesn't get much better than that.

Spurs v. Palace: Spurs survive scare, win 2-0


After a shaky first half , Spurs turned things around to win 2-0 at home to Palace.

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