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Spurs vs. West Brom -or- Dear God We Can't Possibly F**k This Up...Again

Remember the last time I titled a post like this? It was before the Wigan game, a game I thought we couldn't possibly lose. I made jokes that Spurs screw up stuff like this all the time, but I never really entertained the possibility that Spurs might actually lose at home to Wigan.

You would assume that because of that match, I am entertaining the possibility that Spurs might lose to West Brom. Well SCREW THAT. No, I am going to be a blind fanboy for once. I am always the "realistic" fan, the guy who asks "what if?" Not today. We are going to beat the living piss out of West Brom, goddamn it, and I don't care what you say.

Yes, I know that Peter Odemwingie is really good. I did a daily podcast during the last African Cup of Nations, I'm a big fan of his. But he will NOT score on Ledley King and William Gallas. No no no no no no no. I won't give them credit. I don't wanna. We are awesome.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm done acting like a two year old. Let's talk about what Spurs are going to do in this match. Jermain Defoe is unavailable, so Harry has to make some adjustments. If he's intent on staying with his English 4-4-2 with Peter Crouch up top, his logical partners are Robbie Keane, who is in awful form, or Giovani Dos Santos, who is also not in very good form. Harry could play Pav and Crouch together, but that never works and gives us a dangerous lack of speed. We could throw VdV into this setup with Crouch, but I'm not a big fan of him playing a more advanced role with Crouch as the center forward, it just doesn't feel like they would work well together.

So, what to do? Harry Redknapp has actually played five in the midfield this season, so it wouldn't shock me to see Huddlestone, Modric, and VdV all in the midfield with Pav as a lone striker. For me, this is the best option.

But really, it shouldn't matter. We should be able to put 11 random players on the field and beat West Brom. West Brom sucks. COYS.