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Chris Foy is Insane, Tom Huddlestone Escapes Ban

Durrrr what do I do there's nothing to stomp on here?
Durrrr what do I do there's nothing to stomp on here?

Tom Huddlestone has escaped a ban for his ridiculous stomp on Johan Elmander. When I saw this, I figured it was because the FA was totally off their rocker. Nope, the FA are actually just sticking by their own rules. How can that be possible, you might ask?

It's possible because they Chris Foy saw the incident, meaning the FA can't retroactively punish Big Tom. From the story linked above...

It was believed that Huddlestone would be hit with a retrospective sanction for the incident but a FA spokesman today confirmed: "We will not be taking any action against Tom Huddlestone."

This is because the referee, Chris Foy, has told to the FA's disciplinary unit that he saw the stamp and did not deem it worthy of a yellow or red card.

-The Guardian, emphasis mine.


This is so incredibly beyond insane. Chris Foy saw Huddlestone stamp on Elmander AND DIDN'T THINK IT WAS WORTHY OF A CARD. What the FUCK? I usually censor the cursing on posts around here but what in the fuck?!?!? That was a straight red card, minimum three game suspension. It was one of the most intentionally malicious things I've ever seen a Tottenham player do. It was disgusting and the fact that Huddlestone wasn't sent off is absurd.

I sincerely hope that Chris Foy gets to spend a couple of weeks in the Football League. A referee that sees an incident of that nature and doesn't find it to be worthy of a card should probably take a few weeks off from officiating in the Premier League.

I guess this means we'll see Tom in the starting lineup against Sunderland?