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Tottenham Hotspur Link Roundup (12/17/10, Inaugural Edition)

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Let's get to it gang.

-First things first: we've drawn a rejuvenated AC Milan for the knockout stages of the Champions League & Harry loves it. The Gooners have lucked into facing Barcelona. My thoughts on that can be summarized here.

-As Kevin alluded to in a recent post, it wouldn't be that time of year without some Christmas party shenanigans from Spurs. Fortunately this year, Harry gave his blessing for some holiday cheer. 

-As if blog namesake Ledley King needed more grief, he's been hit with a driving ban & fines from an incident Wednesday. 

-This is just unfortunate wording in a headline. Mooooving on...

-Get ready for a tense transfer window period. Although Chairman Levy is insisting Welsh Jesus won't be sold, the rumor mill has produced this nugget involving Real Madrid, a bank load of cash and some intriguing players. On the selling front, some new suitors have joined the queue for David "Great Hair" Bentley

-The Guardian's Dave Hill is suggesting that West Ham United & Spurs could split the 2012 Olympic Stadium when it becomes available after the games. I wouldn't mind the new digs, but splitting the stadium? Ehhh.

Thoughts on the latest Real Madrid rumor? How about the possibility of splitting the Olympic Stadium with the Hammers? Do you hate Gareth Bale's jeans as much as Kevin does?