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Spurs 3-1 Wolves: Post-Match Hangover

I think this was probably a penalty
I think this was probably a penalty

In what will become a regular tradition around here, I'm going to write very short reaction posts regarding Spurs' weekend fixtures with well thought out match reports coming out on Mondays. This week's match was a ridiculous roller coaster, emotionally, and as a result, this format is probably best.

During most of the first half, I was very encouraged by the play of everyone on the field...except Robbie Keane. As I've mentioned on this site, I love Robbie Keane and he is a big part of why I became a Spurs fan in the first place. Unfortunately, he can't even do the basics anymore. He destroyed moves by himself. It was sad.

Gareth Bale was absolutely ridiculous, the best player on the field beyond any shadow of a doubt. If Defoe was in for Keane, we would have been 2-0 or 3-0 up before the Wolves goal.

So, after an encouraging but ultimately disappointing 45 minutes, Wolves got their goal just before halftime, leading me to seriously consider mass homicide. My rage got worse and worse for a while until Alan Hutton drew a stone cold penalty that van der Vaart converted to equalize.

My immediate reaction was that we were going to put on our game faces, grab the game by the balls, and pound it down Wolves' throats. Of course, the opposite happened as Wolves had about 2/3 of the possession from the equalizer to when Aaron Lennon was subbed on in the 85th minute.

Immediately after coming onto the pitch, Lennon took off like a bat out of hell down the right flank with the ball, putting in a cross that would eventually lead to Pavyluchenko's winner after a scramble. A masterstroke by 'Arry...or an indication that Lennon should have been introduced sooner?  You be the judge. 

Alan Hutton's absurd goal was just the icing on the cake of a well deserved win that we made really, really difficult.

Over the course of the match, my emotional state went from optimistic to angry to optimistic again to dejection to joy to laughing so hard my sides hurt. Isn't football great?