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Spurs vs. Wolves Match Review and Thoughts

F this guy.
F this guy.

Please, oh please, let this match be a psychological boost.

Ever since I started following Tottenham Hotspur near the beginning of the last decade, they have been a talented team who played solid football that messed up in the big moments. They frequently suffered narrow losses and unfortunate draws against teams they outplayed. Against the big boys, especially their North London rivals, Spurs regularly choked. Last year, that changed and as a result, Spurs secured a top four finish. The ability to get three points out of matches like this one is the difference between decent teams and Champions League teams.

To start this season, Spurs appeared to have reverted back to their old selves. The 0-0 draw against Manchester City, 0-1 loss to Wigan, and 1-1 draw against West Brom were typical Spurs. The kind of results that we would have gotten in the past, but the kind of games where we would have squeaked out a win last season. That's why beating Wolves in a tough match on Saturday was so important. These are the games we need to find a way to win.

Unsurprisingly, Spurs dominated for long stretches of this game. Unsurprisingly, they found a way to go 1-0 down. Surprisingly, they put together a valiant comeback. Of course, it wasn't surprising because of the talent we have, it was surprising because if their performances so far this season. 

Overall, it was three points that were much needed and well earned.

The re-discovery of Alan Hutton was certainly a talking point; his run created the equalizer and he scored a goal of his own. He was only on the field because of an injury to Younes Kaboul, who had a very solid first 45 minutes. This begs the question:  Is Vedran Corluka's spot up for grabs? Based on the play of Kaboul and Hutton against Wolves, he doesn't deserve to be an automatic starter if he isn't playing spectacularly. It will be interesting to see if a battle for that position develops over the course of the season.

As I mentioned in the post-match hangover, Robbie Keane was very poor. I'm not entirely sure what the solution is to not having Defoe, but that certainly wasn't it. If you check the links I posted earlier, Harry is excited to see Modric and van der Vaart play together. If them playing together means Bale to left back or Lennon to the bench, I am in vehement opposition to this. If Harry thinks that Modric can play a more box to box central midfield role, playing behind van der Vaart, I'm willing to give it a try. I am not ready to advocate anything that doesn't have Lennon and Bale as starting wingers.

Of course, this is because Bale was the best player on the pitch and Lennon created the winner when he came on as a substitute. Last season, these guys put the team on their backs and won games where we didn't deserve to win or wouldn't have won in previous seasons. They are our best players.

I'm going to be honest with everyone:  My brain hurts. I had a nice day of not really thinking a whole lot about Spurs and trying to provide some insight just reminded me of how nice it was to not think about them for a day. That game really took a lot out of me (and the Revierderby made it worse).

Tomorrow, of course, we take on Le Arse in the Carling Cup. I fully expect both teams to play lots of kids and reserves. Match preview coming your way when I'm between classes. Super, super pumped for the debut of Sandro. I loved loved loved watching him play for Internacional throughout the Copa Libertadores and I'll be surprised if he isn't a huge success for us. If you want to read my initial thoughts right after the match with a quick blow by blow, check it out here.