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Manchester United Defender Wes Brown For Tottenham Hotspur?

(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Since the 2011 January transfer window opened, Tottenham Hotspur have been linked with a plethora of players across the entire defensive line, from left back all the way to the right back. One Tottenham ‘link’ that caught my eye was that of Wes Brown. He’s a decent player, as the saying goes ‘solid yet unspectacular’, that fits Brown to a tee.

Brown has played for a top four team in Manchester United since his youth, so he’s clearly experienced in a ‘big club’. I think his experience in all competitions and levels would benefit Tottenham, especially seeing how Tottenham are currently aspiring and competing to be title challengers this season and beyond. Brown’s experience would aid our cause.

However, if we were to sign Brown, who would leave the current Tottenham set up to accommodate him? Vedran Corluka? Or Alan Hutton? Both Corluka and Hutton are younger then Brown and can still flourish compared to a slightly aging Brown. Also, Brown has been ravaged by injuries as of late.

Brown is a solid, competent footballer who would need no time to settle into the Premier League. Tottenham would also have no problems in terms of Brown’s discipline on the pitch, as well as any off the pitch shenanigans. That said, Brown has hardly featured for Manchester United this season at either of his favourable defensive positions. Would he be rusty if we were to sign and field him straight away? Would ge break down after one training session? If he were to join, I’d obviously hope not.

All in all, considering the players Tottenham are ‘linked’ in both the right back and central defensive positions, I wouldn’t be too disappointed with Brown at White Hart Lane, at least in the short term.