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Tottenham Hotspur Link Roundup (OMFG SNOW Edition)

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Another wave of snow is whipping across the US, and people are still freaking out about it. Somewhere, Kevin McCauley is laughing...

To the links!

Team News

-Spurs will be heading north to play Newcastle United this Saturday. Kickoff is at 10 am ET. 

-We won the Steven Pienaar sweepstakes. Yay?

-Wilson jumps on the "Luka Modric is really good" bandwagon

-In other Luka Modric news, he's staying put.

-VdV, shut up're seriously not helping saying things like this (although it's completely true).

Transfer News

-Birmingham pulled out of the Robbie Keane sweepstakes. Not to be outdone, Keane lashes back at the Blues. You cracked the code Robbie!

-An update (kinda) on a rumor for last week. Seriously, I'd be beyond thrilled if this transfer comes through. The article gives a good roundup about Tottenham's other targets up top.

-Always love these "What If..." esque transfer blurbs. Here is a snippet from Tottenham's (full story here): 

Who has been linked: Spurs have been linked with a move for Marseille pair Taye Taiwo and Gabriel Heinze. A bizarre bid for Everton's Phil Neville was rebuffed, but Manchester United's Wes Brown is subject of interest and Bayern's Mark van Bommel could also move to White Hart Lane on the cheap as he stalls over a new contract in Germany. Talk of a £30 million move for Newcastle's Andy Carroll, though, was rejected out of hand and Luis Fabiano remains a long-coveted striker.

(Groan) Stadium Shenanigans

-I'm gonna make this short and sweet, seeing as I would HATE for the team to move to East London (these people don't like the idea either). First: there's another candidate for the Olympic Stadium siteOne committee member really likes the West Ham bid, while another one absolutely hates it. The Spurs plan draws moderate praise, while another committee member doesn't want any demolition. The head of UK Athletics wants the stadium intact too. Finally, this might be a bit of good news for keeping us away from East London. A lot of the articles also are now saying that Tottenham's plans include making the stadium seat 25,000; if thats the case and its not the 60,000 they were originally wanting, count me out. Does your head hurt yet?  

Around the EPL (New section I'm gonna add to the link roundup: thoughts?)

-Cristiano Ronaldo 1, Mario Balotelli 0.

-Chelsea is looking for centre-backs this transfer window and could up the ante even more for their main target. Personally, I'd really like to see Spurs throw a bid together for Simon Kjaer; I liked what I saw of him this past World Cup playing for Denmark. 

-Well this doesn't really help now, does it?

-Not really sure why this was written.

Comments/thoughts/soap box rants go below.