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January Transfer Rumors: Tottenham's Niko Kranjcar To Werder Bremen

Niko, my cousin!
Niko, my cousin!

Yes, it is one of those kinds of days where I feel like addressing every silly Spurs rumor that comes across my RSS reader. The new hot rumor of the day is that Werder Bremen are pursuing Niko Krancjar. There are some serious problems with this rumor. I will address them with a series of bullet points.

  • This rumor does not even list an estimated price. It is easy to make up one of those on the spot. If someone can't come up with a reasonable valuation for the player, what are the chances that they're talking transfer.
  • Even though Niko is certainly good enough to play for Werder, he still wouldn't be first choice when everyone is healthy. Whether they'd play him wide or in the middle, all of Aaron Hunt, Marko Marin, Phillip Bargfrede, and Wesley would presumably be ahead of him.
  • Gareth Bale just sustained a back injury, and his return date has not been set. Additionally, while he appears to be fit now, Benoit Assou-Ekotto has gone through fitness issues lately. Selling a left sided player does not seem likely.

So, there you go. Three reasons why this is probably bogus. But, even though this seems bogus and I like Niko a lot, I won't shed a tear if we get some good money for him.