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Inter Milan To Bid £40m For Tottenham Winger Gareth Bale: Guardian 'Exclusive' Is A Load Of Rubbish

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After Gareth Bale thoroughly ripped them a new one in the UEFA Champions League, Inter Milan are going to bid £40m for the Tottenham Hotspur winger in the summer, according to a so-called Guardian exclusive. If you like soccer and you use twitter, you are probably aware of the fact that there was an insane build-up to the release of this 'Guardian Exclusive' all day. Thousands of people were speculating on what the Guardian's big exclusive would be, throwing out rumors about transfers. Of course, everyone expected the Guardian's story to be about a player WHO HAD ACTUALLY SIGNED FOR A NEW CLUB.

This is not news. This kind of crap about teams possibly bidding for a player in six months happens literally every day. And yet, I'm sitting at my computer angry that I have to address some stupid crap out of pure obligation. I do not care about what Inter Milan may or may not do in six months. I may or may not want to sell Bale for that amount of money, and Harry Redknapp may or may not tell them to eff off. 

I may or may not still be writing for this blog next August, and I may or may not hate the Guardian.

CARTILAGE FREE CAPTAIN EXCLUSIVE: We're lining up a £10,000 bid for Spooky in the summer. If our transfer goes through, it will be one of the biggest transfers for a blogger ever.