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January Transfer Rumors: Robbie Keane Joins West Ham On Loan From Tottenham Hotspur

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It's not the sale that most Spurs fans wanted, but it's understandable that West Ham don't want to splash the cash when they might still go down. Robbie Keane will be joining West Ham on loan, according to the BBC ticker (17:10). The commentators on the ESPN UK broadcast of the FA Cup match between Fulham and Spurs have also made this claim.

According to rumors and the TV folks, the move is a loan with an option to buy. West Ham will take on all of his wages this season and will be able to purchase Keane for £6m if the Hammers are able to stay in the Premier League.

Keane has fallen out of favor completely at Spurs, and will hope to duplicate his success from last season, when he went on loan to Celtic in the Scottish Premier League last January and scored for fun in that league. Most Spurs fans will likely now be rooting for West Ham to stay up so that Harry Redknapp can have £65k per week off the books and an extra £6m to spend in the summer.