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January Transfer Rumors: Fernando Torres Of Liverpool To Chelsea...But Why Not Tottenham Hotspur?

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As Spurs fans, we've been pretty spoiled today...after we got our clocks cleaned by Fulham. We've been linked to Sergio Aguero, Fernando Llorente, Giuseppe Rossi, and Andy Carroll. I would be thrilled to have any of these players join Tottenham Hotspur, but these rumors aren't enough to satisfy me. No, I want the man who has been linked to Chelsea, Liverpool's Fernando Torres.

Okay, forget for a second that we really shouldn't be dropping £50m on anyone if we want a new stadium. Especially since Daniel Levy is apparently willing to drop £40m on Aguero. Let's forget for a second that it would only be a minor upgrade in the short term, and a possible downgrade in the long term. Let's forget that Torres has already played over 400 professional games and looks really sluggish. 

Yes, let's forget all of this. Why? BECAUSE I WANT A WORLD RENOWN SUPERSTAR!


Do any of you feel like this on a regular basis? I don't regret supporting Spurs in the least, but like two days a year I think "I want MY team to have a giant name!"

Of course, Welsh Jesus could very well be that guy in a year or two, but I'm a small, petulant child and I want Fernando Torres NOW!