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What Is This Charlie Adam To Tottenham Nonsense?!?

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According to Sky Sports News and a whole host of other people, Tottenham Hotspur have failed with a last minute bid to sign Blackpool playmaker Charlie Adam. Reportedly, our bid was, at the very least, more than £6m. What in the bejeezus?

If this is true - and I won't believe it until Harry Redknapp or Daniel Levy says it's true - where the hell would Adam play? Surely Modric would be picked ahead of him in Adam's ideal place, and we have two other playmaking midfielders in Tom Huddlestone and Rafael van der Vaart. What in the hell?

I mean, if we got them to take Jermaine Jenas as part of a swap deal, I guess I'd be down, but that would still relegate someone who is really good to a backup role. Why not spend some of that money on, oh I don't know, a damn striker?!?

Well, in defense of 'Arry and SuperJew, they tried. They tried by making odd bids for whatever striker they could think up. They failed in each and every one of these bids, all while Liverpool and Chelsea got stronger. This is another post for another day.

All I can say is...what the hell?!?