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Tottenham Hotspur Chasing Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham & His Footy Pajamas

When the suit goes off, the footy pajamas go on (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
When the suit goes off, the footy pajamas go on (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

David Beckham wears footy pajamas. You can take that one to the bank. Each night, the man with 115 caps for England slips one foot into his pajamas and then slips the other in before pulling the whole thing up to complete the dashing one-piece sleeping attire. Of course, these footy pajamas that Beckham holds so near and dear to his heart are not just any footy pajamas. No, Becks' footy pajamas closely represent his every stop in a professional career that has now stretched nine years. So, let's follow this progression of footy pajamas.

Several scintillating performances for Manchester United's FA Youth Cup winning team in 1992 caught the eye of many observers after impressing in the Red Devils' youth academy and before you knew it, Beckham was getting a look with the senior team in a League Cup match. So, when Becks took his United kit off after that League Cup match against Brighton & Hove Albion, what did he put on? His Kal-El footy pajamas of course. Kal-El, young Superman, held promise and did have powers, but didn't get much of a chance to show them off.

A loan in 1995 to Preston North End lasted only a month, but it resulted in a pair of goals and despite being in the bottom division, PNE is a rather well know club for one that has gone through as many struggles as they have. Naturally, Beckham would slip on his Care Bears footy pajamas. PNE was small and insignificant, but still rather well known and for that, they were cuddly.

When Beckham returned to Manchester United, he began eight spectacular seasons that saw him play a key role in the famous treble winning side, debut and wear the captain's armband for England and develop from a young kid with potential to the most popular soccer play in the world. In short, Beckham went from Kal-El to Superman so when Beckham returned to Manchester, he also returned his Kal-El footy pajamas for some Superman ones. The Man of Steel played at least 40 matches in every season at Old Trafford, but as his fame grew so did a rift with Sir Alex Ferguson and Becks was jettisoned to Real Madrid, which is hardly a rough landing spot.

At Real Madrid, Beckham joined a team with Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo to create the Galacticos. When his day of work at the Bernabeu was done, Becks would head home and get in his space footy pajamas. Right on the stomach of the space pajamas was the International Space Station, halfway completed and already over budget. Real Madrid spent and spent and bought stars and stars, but won just one trophy during Beckham's stay in Spain. Wins or losses, Beckham would go from one place of stars (the Bernabeu) to another (his footy pajamas and dreams).

His European career seemingly over, Beckham left Madrid for Los Angeles for five years with the Galaxy in Major League Soccer. Anyone who reads any sort of soccer related news or Us Weekly knows though that Beckham hasn't been on the field for the Galaxy much since moving to Los Angeles, whether by injury or loan. Now in California, Beckham goes to sleep in bear footy pajamas, representing the state's official animal and also the half season Beckham has spent hibernating each year. Each night, Becks settles in to make clear his love for California and Los Angeles, if not the Galaxy.

A big reason Beckham has spent minimal time with the Galaxy is because of two loan spells to AC Milan. The first time around, Beckham spent five months with Milan before joining Los Angeles for the second half of the season. The second time around, Becks tore his Achilles and didn't join the Galaxy until the very end of the season as he recovered from his injury. In the land of fashion, Becks went high end with his footy pajamas and had silk ones made by Dolce and Gabbana. Comfortable and stylish, Becks looked fantastic in his flashy footy pajamas, but just when his Achilles tore, so did his pajamas.

Now Beckham is looking at a new club. Dead set on going on loan this January despite the Galaxy's wishes that he stay in Los Angeles, Beckham is on the verge of, pushing for or hoping for a loan to Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has confirmed the club's interest in Beckham and rumors of him joining the club in the next week are bouncing around, but Los Angeles still needs to sign off. If Becks does make a move to White Hart Lane, he'll be outfitted with footy pajamas that have nothing more than a gigantic image of his own face on them.

Having ditched his team the last two season in Los Angeles, Beckham is still pushing for a loan even if the club has said they would rather he not. That doesn't matter though because he is David Beckham. Nonetheless, there is the question of where he fits in with Spurs. Is he really a better option than Aaron Lennon on the right side of the midfield? Doubtful. When Spurs need a goal and Lennon comes off, it is a striker coming on to the field and Rafael van der Vaart moving out wide. 'Arry is crazy (and some of that crazy has done a lot of good) so Becks may get time on the field, but even with the manager's support, that time will be limited. Beckham will get the minutes that David Bentley has been getting this season, all 109 of them this season. That is why Beckham will wear his own pajamas because odds are that should he move to Spurs, we'll just see his face sitting on the bench a nauseating amount of times.