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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 11, 2011

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Happy Tuesday Spursland! I hope everyone enjoyed their annual tribute to the guy that got to America at best third, possibly fourth (Native Americans, the Vikings, Amerigo Vespucci, and possibly but unconfirmed the Chinese), but now it's back to the grind. So take that Columbus apologists! Newsflash: Harry Redknapp told me that even he doesn't rate Columbus as triffic, he added "no wonder he was in the F*&^ing reserves", allegedly. Have I mentioned that I don't think very highly of Columbus or his day?

And now the "news"

"No Offers" For Pav Says Agent-Sky Sports

Shocker that nobody wants a striker that has no influence on games except helping opposing keepers legs get tired from having to take so many goal kicks.

Spurs And Newcastle Rivals For Hoilett Signature-Football Fancast

I am a big fan of this move. The team needs cover at right wing since Harry seems unable to realize that Giovanni Dos Santos is not only in form but on his team. I think the 21-year-old Canadian would make an excellent addition, at the right price.

Redknapp Lining Up Move For Serbian Shot Stopper-Sports Vibe

Seems like a smart move considering Gomes cannot wait to get the hell out of North London now that Harry has banished him to the reserves. While Friedel has been outstanding this season, we will need to line up a replacement for him as he looks forward to spending more time with his grand children in the near future. Get it, cause he's old?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Spain And The Problem Of Reputation-SB Nation Soccer

A must read for anyone who watches more than two or three international games a year (everyone). A great breakdown of how Spain's reputation as the best team on the planet has affected their results and made them look more like paper tigers than unstoppable juggernauts.

Chelsea Answer Questions Over Proposed Stanford Bridge Purchase-We Ain't Got No History

The answers to the many, many, MANY questions from Chelsea supporters strike me as way too reasonable to be true. Maybe it's because I have spent the majority of my time as a Spurs fan being jerked around by the wheeling and dealing fo Dan Levy on a stadium deal that I am just to on guard to accept something that sounds too reasonable to be true. Then again, we all know Chelsea are evil so this has got to be step one in some sort of plot to contiue their domination of the world. Every night Andre Villas-Boas probably phones up Roman and asks "What are we going to do tonight Roman?'  And Roman is all like, "The same thing we do every night VB, try and take over the..."  ok you get the idea.

Have We Mentioned The Newest SB Nation EPL Blog?-Pie Eaters Footie

For god's sake the name of the blog is Pie Eaters Footie. What's not to love? And while it is not Pie Tasters, both are awesome. So head on over and give them a welcome.