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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 13. 2011

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Happy Thursday Spurlsnad! It's Pre-Friday and that means stocking up on beer. Now remember kiddies. you realistically only have another 5-6 days to pick up your favorite Octoberfest or pumpkin beers before they are gone for another year. Sound off in the comments section on your favorite fall beers!

And now the "news"

Bentley Knee Surgery Sidelines Him For 6 Months-Sky Sports

Odds that West Ham supporters are very pleased with this new development...100%

Top Ten Tottenham Tattoos-Football Fancast

Most of these are just solid tattoos, some of them are a bit meh. But one of them is just out-f%#$ing-standing.  

Slovenia's Entry Into The Best Free Kick Ever Competition-Deadspin

There is ZERO chance he was trying to do that right? 

What's Happening Around SB Nation After the jump

Liverpool: Money Swallows The Universe-SB Nation Soccer

I know every now and then I claim that an article is a "must read"  well they really aren't you didn't have to read them, sorry. But I mean it when I say that you need to read this.  Andi Thomas is brilliant, just a brilliant, brilliant, beautifully viscous person in this piece. This says everything I wish I could say to the Liverpool brass about their despicable fuckstain of a proposal to allocate TV money individually rather than as one league. I am not even going to comment on this situation again, It would take away from how awesome this textural wood shampoo he gives the Liverpool chairmen is.

Chelsea Give Out CPO Shareholders Names-We Ain't Got No History

This just sounds evil doesn't it?

City Say There Is A Case For Tevez To Be In Breach Of Contract-Bitter And Blue

This situation is just amazing, and not in a good way. It is clear now that both parties are not approaching the breaking point, but past it long ago. This is really unfortunate for City. With all the firepower they have brought in, in the last year they don't need Tevez to go after the title, but now they will have to sell him for a rock bottom price.   Hopefully now he can pick a club he actually wants to play for.