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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 17, 2011

Ledley King of Tottenham Hotspur looks on after sustaining an injury
Ledley King of Tottenham Hotspur looks on after sustaining an injury

Happy Monday Spursland! We learned a few things about the team yesterday. Number one on my note sheet is that no matter how much Brian "Salt In The Wounds" Mechanick calls for it, inverted wingers involving Gareth Bale is a terrible idea. Number two is that we need to buy Van Der Vaart a treadmill or something, because that guy needs to be 90 minutes fit, it's practically Halloween already.

Redknapp Named EPL Manager Of The Month For September-BBC

You can't argue with results, or so said some great idiot somewhere out there, you can always argue with results! But Harry deserves this one. He is after all a top lad.

Ledley King Returns To His Natural Enviroment, The Physio Room-Sky Sports

Out with an abductor strain, whatever that is, for "a while". So see you around St. Patricks Day buddy.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Artificial Clouds To Shield Stadiums Form Qatar Heat At World Cup-SB Nation Soccer

Odds that this actually works? Seriously, I don't have a clue. Who was a Chemistry major, help us out?

France, The 12th Best Team In The World..And Europe-SB Nation Soccer

Just in case you needed proof that FIFA rankings don't mean shit.

VIDEO: Messi Is Just Trolling Now-SB Nation Soccer

I know a few things about trolling, Bryan Ashlock can attest to that, and that's some damn good trolling.

Neymar's Hair Gets Worse-SB Nation Soccer

Is this worse? I think it actually has gotten better. Better is a relative term if there ever was one. How many times do you think a lady he is having some "fun time" with has looked at his hair and thought to herself, "this is my life"?

VIDEO: Henry Gets Straight Red For Knee To The Head-SB Nation Soccer

A lot of people are asking "Did he deserve it or not"? Allow me to put this question to rest, OF COURSE HE DESERVED THE RED. Think of all the other douche things this guy has done over the years, being all French and stuff. Serves him right.

VIDEO: Police Intervention Goes Horrably Wrong/Uncalled For At Manchester City-SB Nation Soccer

British Police have a reputation of being rather...hands on. This probably comes from being conditioned over the years of dealing with football hoologanism and the fact that they don't carry guns. But it seems to be pretty ridiculous that it took what looked to be at least 6 cops to drag an old man out of his seat for what is a minor offense if a crime at all. Standing at games in England has been damped out in many places since all seater stadiums where introduced in the 90s and its not uncommon for fans to have stories of being acossted by security for simply standing during a game. Something needs to change, some middle ground must be found. England's top flight doesn't really have a hooligan issue inside the grounds anymore so let the old dude stand up. I mean look at him, he's about 70. What's he going to do, throw his false teeth onto the field and then gum them all to death?

Suarez Denies Racism Allegations-SB Nation Soccer

So take that for what its worth.