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It's Thursday Again! Time For Another Strength Of Squad Debate!

Expect a run-out for this man against Rubin Kazan
Expect a run-out for this man against Rubin Kazan

I like having this debate every Thursday! It never gets old, because the Europa League opponent is always different, as is the game coming up either in the Premier League or in the [insert domestic cup here]. That debate, of course, is how strong of a side Tottenham Hotspur should play in their Europa League match.

This game is more or less a must-win if we want to win the group, and we have to get a draw from it if we want to hold off PAOK for second place in the group. Today, Rubin Kazan come to White Hart Lane, and they will be playing their best team. They've been holding their own in the Russian Premier League for years and they frustrated the hell out of Barcelona last season in the Champions League. Their place in the second stage Championship Group in the RPL is punched, so they have no reason not to play their best team tonight and play a B team in the league at the weekend.

Commentariat, how strong of a side do you want to see from Tottenham Hotspur tonight? We've seen a complete B team and a mixed first-second team from Spurs in Europa League this season, but this game is a little different. I think we need three points, and I'm not concerned about the impending Blackburn match. Vote and make your case in the comments.