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The SB Nation iPhone App Update Is Here, So You Can Follow CFC More Swagtastically

The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1 is now available in the App Store! From what I heard (I do not own an iPhone), our team did a pretty good job with the first app, but you guys gave them a lot of suggestions and they've implemented all kinds of new stuff for the updated version of the app.

Obviously, you could already browse Cartilage Free Captain and all of the other good stuff on SB Nation on the last app, but here's all of the sweet stuff that they fixed, added or updated:

  • Faster loading comments
  • Vastly improved comment experience including the ability to jump to the next unread comment, mark comments as read and reply in-line
  • FanPosts
  • Blog colors
  • An in-app browser
  • Compatibility with iOS 5

It looks like this #swag:


To get the app, either go here and click download now or go into the App Store on your iPhone and search for SB Nation.

And for those who want to know...

YES, this is still free. YES, we are going to keep working to make it better and there will be subsequent updates. And finally, YES, there is an Android version on the way. It'll be out before the December holidays.

If you are a user of the SB Nation iPhone app, PLEASE give us an honest rating and review in the store. It's a big help for us when we get that feedback via the application. If you have any issues with the app, don't hesitate to email support [at] sbnation [dot] com. Thanks for your time, back to your regularly scheduled Tottenham Hotspur programming.