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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 17: Recreating The Premier League

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It's Friday and that means it is time for another awesome episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio, the Tottenham Hotspur podcast from Cartilage Free Captain. I have to give credit where credit is due. All of you readers and listeners stepped up this week and provided myself, Brian, and Kevin with some excellent questions for our mailbag and as a result we have put together an excellent show for you guys. Also, it's not a disjointed split episode this week. You will actually have the pleasure of all three of us together throughout the entire podcast.

In addition to your awesome questions the three of us discuss last weekend's victory over Blackburn Rovers and this weekend's fixture against Queens Park Rangers. With regard to your questions, we talk about the MLS Playoffs (contrary to my desires), what one does with 40 gallons of pudding, and what teams would play in our fantasy world version of the English Premier League.

As always, in case you haven't subscribed to the podcast on iTunes yet, please do so here. Here's a direct download link for the podcast so that you can listen to it in your browser if you so desire and if you're interested in the RSS Feed then the link for that is here. Also, follow us @CFCaptain on Twitter and like us on Facebook.