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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 4, 2011

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Happy Tuesday Spursland! This week marks a record one consecutive month of positive results. So what I am really trying to say is, Newcastle can basically take the three points and walk this weekend, we all know it can't last. Just take them, we know you are going to you Geordie bastards. Editor's note: We play Newcastle the weekend after next. We apologize for theroosevelts' lack of calendar reading skills.

And now the "news"

Defoe Disappointed With England Snub-Sky Sports

Would we call this a snub? I don't think it is really a snub if you aren't first choice at your position for your own club. Is it a slight? Or are snub and slight just synonyms? Either way he hasn't had the playing time or the performance to be justifiably in the England side so shut it buddy.

Spurs To Ban Fans Found To Have Done Abusive Chanting-BBC

They will get most of them, English football stadiums have more cameras in them than NSA headquarters, however they will no doubt miss a few of those who should really be subjected to a community beating. Football fans like a drink or twelve, football fans like to sing mean and not so good natured songs, but there is a line and far too many people crossed it Sunday.

Bale Points Out The Obvious, Many Many People Overreact-The Guardian

So Weezus thinks that just because Arsenal sold the two best players on their team, the two players that allowed all their other players to look so good that they are a weaker team then the other top 6 clubs. Shocking! Shocking I say!

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Goal Scored From Beyond The Half Way Line? Goal Scored From Beyond The Half Way Line-SB Nation Soccer

So...Uh, it's a goal scored from beyond the half way line.

Chelsea Make Offer To Buy The Land On Which Stamford Bridge Sits-SB Nation Soccer

Do you enjoy the delightfully whimsical stories of ancient land holding claims that are so prevelent with old shit in England then you will love this story. I could go into details but then you wouldn't click the link would you, would you?

Chelsea To Buy Back Stamford Bridge Land As Precursor To A Move-We Ain't Got No History

More details on the evil Russian land grab.

Something In The Water: Newcastle's Early Successes-Coming Home Newcastle

This is not a blatant attempt to get the commentariat to post "that" GIF. Or is it?