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Get Your Questions In For The Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag

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We'll be recording a new episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio tonight and since there's no game this weekend, because of the stupid international break we're going to need some things to talk about. We'll obviously cover Tottenham Hotspur's victory over Arsenal in depth and discuss the shift of the balance of power in North London. We won't be talking about the Newcastle game, mostly because we're going to need something to talk about on next weeks show and I forbid us from talking about the United States Men's National Team on this show, mostly because I'm the one that edits this show.

As theroosevelts mentioned in this morning's Hoddle of Coffee, Kevin will be leaving on vacation soon and as a result will be unable to join us again. That means you're stuck with the Brian and Bryan show for the second week in a row, but fear not we promise it will be good. And if you give us enough awesome questions we might even have a surprise in store for you. So, in order to get that surprise here's what we need you to do:

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