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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links October7, 2011

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I'd say happy Friday Spursland, but it's the international break so f*** that noise. It's that time of the year when, for me at least, none of these international fixtures mean anything. Even a lot of the players don't care. They just announce that they have some sort of muscle injury with no proof given at all. That way they don't have to play in a meaningless game. There is a bright side though, The Wonder Years is now on Netlfix instant download so I am kind of covered, thanks Fred Savage!.

Pavlyuchenko Threatens To Leave Spurs For The Bajillionth Time-Sky Sports

This could not be more yawn inducing news if it were a god damn lullaby. Nobody wants you here, you aren't at all good, and you have threatened to leave in almost every, if not every, transfer window since you arrived. Go home.

Harry Warns Rafa About Complaints, Continues Most Overblown Beef In Football-The Guardian

If this was a reality show it would be the most boringest episode of Jersey Shore ever. My students would, unfortunately, still watch it but it's not their fault because they are 15 and all 15 year olds are to a certain extent morons just waiting to figure out how to be smart. For more of my thoughts on this saga check out this weeks episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio!

Your Daily Dose Of Poor Journalism: Max Linked To Spurs-Footy Latest

I'd love to know more about this link to this young gun except that it doesn't even mention Spurs in the actual article it just talks about some shady thing Liverpool did when he was 14. Way to go guys!

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

Why Losing To Manchester City Doesn't Matter-SB Nation Soccer

Andi Thomas does one for our communist commentariat by pointing out that it is a falsehood spewed by the financially interested parties that the EPL is an any given Sunday league. In other news I totally saw Andi Thomas at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

The Special One Gets Special Treatment, Two Game Suspension For Eye Poke-Managing Madrid

Perhaps I am alone in remembering this stunning display of douchedom, but how is that only a two match ban? He walked up behind someone who was trying to break up a fight and jammed his finger into their eye socket. This isn't even third man into a fight type of a deal this is even dishonorable contact among bar room brawlers. If a player did this in any major American sport and got caught on video it's a 5 game ban, minimum. And what is the real punishment? He will sit in a luxury box and text his instructions to the assistant manager. I hate sports sometimes.

More On The Chelsea Bid To Buy Back The Land Stamford Bridge Sits On-We Ain't Got No History

Just as we suspected, Chelsea's management is doing something evil.