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Football Manager 2012 Is Finally Here

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I know that there a lot of guys on this site that love FIFA. I used to be the same way. Then in 2008 I discovered Football Manager, or as it was then called in the United States: Worldwide Soccer Manager. If you love FIFA because you get to play the games and do fancy dribbling and score lots of goals with your user controlled players then maybe Football Manager isn't for you, but now that the demo is out (it's FREE) I encourage all of you to try it.

If you've never played FM before then the Demo is a perfect time to try it out. FM is a football simulation game. It puts you in the shoes of the manager of your favorite team. You decide on the tactics, transfers, etc. for your team. I know that doesn't sound so different from Manager Mode in FIFA, but trust me, it is. Football manager has a ridiculous amount of depth. You might not see it in the demo, but the number of players included and the level of detail included in the game is amazing.

The one thing FM doesn't let you do is control your players during the games. You can change tactics, make substitutions, but you cannot change how hard Jermain Defoe shoots or how many shots Roman Pavlyuchenko blasts into Row Z.

I love Football Manager and I implore you to at the very least give it a shot. If you have questions shoot me an e-mail or tweet at me and I'll do what I can to help out.

The link to the demo is here. You'll need Steam to be able to download it, but that's also free so that shouldn't be a big deal. If you've already downloaded the demo leave your thoughts here, tell us about how you play, etc. Enjoy!