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Friday GIF (And Meme) Party: Redneck Edition

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Normally these are a Friday night thing, but I have other things to do tonight and I would assume that you do to. So, we're going to run this thing during the day so you guys don't have to focus on work. It's been more than two months since our last GIF party and if I recall correctly Kevin had some weird scoring system that had all sorts of bonus points and whatnot. What's important is that, in Kevin's opinion, I won. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I, Bryan Ashlock, was the King of the GIF Party.

However, things have changed around here in the last few months. The rise of the commentariate has forced us to re-evaluate how we determine who wins things. No longer will victory be handed down by some omnipotent being. It will now be determined by YOU! That's right, post GIFS (and Meme's), then Rec the best ones. If you don't know how to Rec something, just click actions and then click the little star next to Rec. It's not hard.

Based on that scoring system MennoDaddy won the last round of the GIF Party. He had two posts that each received 1 Rec. This time around the winner had better at least get greened, though I'd prefer if our winner had double digit Recs. Do your part commentariate. That's all I ask.

Kevin usually assigns a theme to these things and I think that's a good idea, even if you all do tend to lose focus rather quickly. So, as you can see from the title, this week's theme is rednecks. There is nothing more humorous, to me, than good old redneck, white trash folks, doing stupid things. As always, Tottenham Hotspur related submissions are encouraged and if you can somehow create something that combines Spurs and rednecks you well probably win one million internets. I look forward to your submissions.

Editors Note: Please provide titles, even if it's just a period. Being able to click a title helps pages load faster. Also, remember Height=300!!!!!