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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 11, 2011

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Happy Friday Spursland!  Sooooo whats going on this weekend? Nothing? That's what I thought.  My advice is to go buy a keg and see if you can finish it yourself between Friday night and work on Monday. You won't succeeded, but it will make the weekend seem shorter. If you do take my advice, however, please don't drive or be a child.

And now the "news"

Niko: 2008 Euro Defeat Still

We are all Niko, we all are.

Spurs Player And Goal Of The Month Awards Go

It is really telling, more so than who won, but what percentages they scored in voting. Gareth Bale is not impressing many people.

Sandro Scored A Goal-Washington Post

At least I think he did. I'm not sure what happened, which is why news articles are usually more than 17 words long. Especially from major newspapers, or in this case the Associated press.

Spurs Renew Their Interest In La Liga Striker Says Unreliable Website-Clean Sheets All Around

I do not mean that Clean Sheets is an unreliable website. They didn't "report" this. TALKsport did, and TALKsport sucks, but Clean Sheets is kind of cool. They give stories a bullshit rating of 1-5 and post it using actual pictures of bullshit. What's not to love? (HT Bryan Ashlock)

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump. It has to be more exciting than what's going on with Spurs right?

Nobody Knows What Is Going On In Chile-SB Nation Soccer

So in review: the players were at a christening, the players were at a club, the players were drunk, other players berated the players who broke curfew, the manager is an overbearing prick who made this all up. Got it? I thought not.

America's Team Part II:Jurgen Klinsmann's Rejects Vs the USMNT-SB Nation Soccer

There is a Little Giants reference in it. You will read it. At least that's a rule I live by.

Petr Cech Is Batman-We Ain't Got No History

My sincere apologies. This is a few days old and I don't know how the hell I missed it, but it is awesome.