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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 16, 2011

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

Happy Wednesday Spursland! Has everyone had enough of this international break? Me too. Good thing we have some Spurs football this weekend...I'm sorry what?  Kevin McCauley has just informed me that we have to wait until Monday. I hate everything.

And now the "news":

Fabio Capello Likes Walker But Wants More Development-Sky Sports

An alternate title would be, "outgoing coach who now has Scrooge McDuck levels of money, and no longer has any reason to paint a rosier picture than necessary, thinks Kyle Walker is solid, but need work". Yes, I know that's too long for a real headline. I paint outside the lines. Sue me.

Shakhtar Donetsk To Make £40 Million Leandro Bid-Sports Vibe

Do any of these teams (excluding oil sheik owned ones) have any freaking idea that we are in the middle of a recession or at best an extended economic slump. Do they understand the exchange rate between the hhryvnia and the pound sterling? I know the chairmen of the team is worth 2 billion dollars (according to wikipedia) but 40 milion pounds for this young man who is unproven in Europe is just babytown frolics.

Scores Goal, Has No Depth Perception-Deadspin

I find it very uncomfortable to watch someone screw up a goal elaboration and then try to keep it going. Right Charlie?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: This Nani Guy Seems Half Decent-SB Nation Soccer

"Wingers" in Portugal don't seem to play in the position that wingers play in other countries. I wonder if it some kind of translation error where winger means "anywhere they damn well feel like" in Portugese.

New England Revolution Name Heaps As New Head Coach-SB Nation Soccer

I love it when teams name one of their long time heroes as head coache. Yes, I know it doesn't always work out, but I like it even more those few times when it does.

Crests, Logos, And Creepy Animals-7500 To Hotle

7500 To Hotle has just replaced Coming Home Newcastle as my favorite non-CFC SB Nation footie blog thanks entirely to this piece. The lower levels of English football has a lot batshit weird stuff that you must see. Some truly amazing club names.