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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 19: There's Not Going To Be Any Efficiency To This

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Sorry for the lateness of this podcast. It's getting down to crunch time for me here at law school, so scheduling this is getting much more difficult. You can listen to this now, over the weekend, or save it for Monday. Whatever you do, just listen to this episode because, after the international break, Brian, Kevin, and I are in rare form.

I feel like I've said,"The international break is finally over" about six times already this season. No matter how many times I've said it, it is still true and we will now return to the much more exciting and interesting club football. Tottenham Hotspur have a match on Monday against Aston Villa, which doesn't sound exciting but it's better than nothing.

In this episode we preview the aforementioned Villa match as well as looking back to the Fulham match. We also talk about some of the business developments at the club and we answer your questions, which are getting much better. Well done.

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