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Writers Predictions League: Spurs vs. Aston Villa

Darren Bent- Getting Up There
Darren Bent- Getting Up There

These are strange times for Tottenham Hotspur. A win Monday will launch Spurs into third place in the league. The unbeaten run continues for the side, winning seven out of their last eight matches. This form will be put to a stern test though hosting a feisty Aston Villa side. Former Spurs will be abundant, as Darren Bent and Alan Hutton try to inflict pain on their former club. However, Villa looks to be damaged by the loss of the injured Gabriel Agbonlahor.

The Writers Prediction League continues, as Bryan Ashlock slowly but surely works to close the gap on Ryan Rosenblatt. The rest of the writers stand further behind, looking to find a vein of form. The rules remain, one point for a correct prediction, a bonus point for getting the score correct. Here's the current standings:

Name Score
Ryan 10
Ashlock 8
The Roosevelts 6
Kevin 5
Evan 5
Mechanick 4

This week's predictions after the jump:

Kevin: I think I said 1-0 on the podcast? I have no idea. No Gabby, no goals for Villa. 1-0 Spurs

Ashlock: I can feel myself slowly becoming an optimist. This will bite me in the ass...eventually. 2-0 Spurs.

Mechanick: Things I know: Darren Bent will score, White Hart Lane is the location, and Spurs are better than Villa. 2-1 Spurs.

Ryan: My brother supports Villa so if we lose I will hate life forever. Spurs wouldn't do that to me (they would) so we win 3-1.

The Roosevelts: Saturday was an amazing night for sports (see any of SB Nation's many MMA blogs for proof) so of course Monday will suck. Villa have tied over half their games this year, 0-0 Draw.

Evan: Spurs continue to take care of business in the EPL at home. 2-1 Tottenham.

But what do you think will happen, O' Wise Commentariat? Vote and sound off below: