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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 28, 2011

Is it just me or does Harry look heroic in this picture?
Is it just me or does Harry look heroic in this picture?

Happy Monday Spursland! Can you feel that Christmas spirit? Oh, its all around us now as we march on through this glorious holiday season, towards the season's midpoint and that great time of the year when teams buy players for bloated price tags (what's up Fernando Torres). Spurs are in third, life is good.  

And now the "news"

Harry Rules Out Additions-Sky Sports

It's here! It's here! Oh the silly season that is this time between Thanksgiving and February 1st, when Harry and Levy and getting their gamesmanship on. Oh the magic is back. Could a Transfer Rumor Tuesday be far off? Editor's note: Nope!

What Will Tottenham Do With In Form Defoe?-The Guardian

A lot of articles like this one popping up in the last few days around the English press. Apparently the English journalists seem to think that 2005 Defoe is back. Well he isn't. He may have scored a few goals but he needs a lot of things to happen before he is in the situation he needs to be that deadly scorer. Rafa, or as he is known around my apartment 'My Dutch Boy" is still our best choice, it isn't even close.

VIDEO:Marius Zaromskis Rolling Axe Kick KO-MMA Nation

If you would like to see what it looked like when my brother got home for Thanksgiving just click the link above, these guys do a really good reenactment.

VIDEO:Elderly Canadian Football Players Still Hate Each other, Still Badasses-Deadspin

Not a ton of Spurs news today, I hope you guys enjoy the substitute subject of the day, unexpected varieties of violence.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Edison Cavani Can Go Siemic-SB Nation

Impressive sir, but can you do this?

Wife Of Uruguay Manager Attacked On The Streets-SB Nation Soccer

Read the article for details but one thing did stick out to me as an odd thing. The attackers drove by her as she walked down the street and dowsed her with a liquid that "burned her". In their statement the police are specific to say she was neither pushed, nor insulted. Now if I was this women I really doubt that I would even car if someone dropped a C-bomb if they had just splashed me with acid, maybe the authorities should focus more on that aspect fo the assault.

Six Tongolese Footballers Killed In Bus Crash-SB Nation Soccer

Thoughts and prayers go out.