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Expect a slightly empty White Hart Lane for the Europa League Match against PAOK

Oh, there should still be fans. Loud ones. Just less of them.
Oh, there should still be fans. Loud ones. Just less of them.

Odd news here, and hopefully those of you who are English (or just smarter than I am) can shed a little bit of light on this. If you didn't know, our amazing and beloved Tottenham Hotspur take on PAOK Salonika in the UEFA Europa League on Wednesday. There were quite a few tickets remaining. There will be lots of tickets that go unsold, because Tottenham has stopped selling them.

Following a meeting of the Safety Advisory Group today the decision has been taken to close the sales of tickets for this Wednesday's Europa League match against PAOK from 5pm on Monday. The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is made up of key Club personnel as well as representatives from the Metropolitan Police, London Borough of Haringey and the other emergency services.

This decision has been made to ensure the safety and comfort of those fans who have already purchased tickets for the match and to maintain the appropriate segregation within the stadium.

Supporters who have not purchased a ticket for this fixture will not be able to do so at this stage and no tickets will be available from the Stadium on the day of the match.

We do apologise for any disappointment this decision causes.

Anyone know how many tickets have gone unsold? If PAOK supporters have made threats? If some jackasses who 'support' Spurs have made threats? Holler if you know what's up.