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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 29, 2011

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Happy Tuesday Spursland! It's Transfer Rumor Tuesday, and that means that for all your transfer related nonsense you can now look to Bryan Ashlock, which is great news for you if you are a fan of solid analysis and are less in favor of snarky quips.

And now the "news"

Charlie Says He Wants To Play More Or Move-Sportsvibe

And he said so in the most polite way possible. Whoever ran his finishing school did a fine job on him.

Stoke To Rival Spurs For

If Levy even remotely wants this kid on the squad, you would be a fool to think he ends up anywhere but in North London come February.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Decision-making Like This Is Why Borussia Monchengladbach Are Doing So Well This Season

This is the greatest thing ever to happen on a professional pitch.  It is a fact, it matters not the sport, that when players play the game with a joy and attitude that is more like children playing in a pick-up game in the neighborhood that the quality of the game increases exponentially. It just makes everything about it more fun.

VIDEO: Neymar Goes all Neymar And Makes A Bunch Of Players Look Dumb-SB Nation Soccer

Excuse me while I go add another five million to the sign I hang out my window just to let Real Madrid know what the current sale price of this young man is.

VIDEO: Inigo Martinez Has Scored 2 Goals From His Own Half This Season, Is Trolling-SB Nation Soccer

The only way to explain this is that Inigo must think that he is playing Aussie rules or something.

Ajax Members Council Requests The Teams Board All Resign-SB Nation Soccer

Fun fact, a member of said council is former Spurs midfielder Edgar Davids!

The return of the Hoddle Ramble (NSFW Audio)Episode 2