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Today is The Last Day of Movember And You Can Still Donate!

Yes, it took me a full month to grow this. Shut up.
Yes, it took me a full month to grow this. Shut up.

So, back at the beginning of the month a wrote this post about Movember and growing a moustache to raise awareness for men's health. Some of the members of this site joined me in growing out their moustaches, which is awesome. Even more awesome was that some of you jokers even ponied up and donated.

Today is the last day of Movember and the last day that I plan on keeping this god awful moustache. I'm going to ask you guys, once again, to please donate to the cause of raising awareness of men's health issue. Hell, donate to help ease my pain and suffering. Thanks to this moustache I couldn't walk around Miami handing out Tootsie Pops to little kids like I usually do. You can donate here.

I want to thank everyone from the site that donated. I'd call you all out by name, but I'm not sure what most of your actual names are. So a simple and sincere thank you will have to suffice.

If you participated in Movember, either with me or in some other capacity feel free to post you moustache in this thread. I can only hope that yours are not as pitiful and disturbing as mine is.