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Kyle Walker, Scott Parker Called Into England Squad

Here's Scotty after he took one in the nose
Here's Scotty after he took one in the nose

And now it's that time when we all pray that we don't lose guys while they play for their countries! International break is great for all kids of reasons. For instance, I'm more likely to get my non-soccer watching friends to watch a Brazil, Argentina or Spain game than an English Premier League or La Liga match. Our traffic goes up at because Americans are more interested in international football than club football, and I get to take money baths. Suarez and Cavani play on the same team and it's absolutely glorious. The USMNT loses, then Brian Mechanick and Ryan Rosenblatt cry. It's awesome!

But, of course, there are bad things about international duty. Like players getting injured. When Michael Dawson and Jermain Defoe went down in the same England game last year, it derailed our season in the league before it got started. That sucked a lot.

Late last night/early this morning, depending on where you are, we got the news that Scott Parker and Kyle Walker were called into the England squad. I'm thrilled for both of them and very happy that Fabio Capello has recognized their excellent form. I'm sure it's an honor for both of them to pull on the England shirt and that they love playing for their country. Personally, I'm just hoping they don't get injured.

I hate it when our players go on international duty.