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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 8, 2011

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Happy Tuesday Spursland! Only a bajilion zagillion days until we have another match! That introduction brought to you by seasonal depression and daylight savings time.

And now the "news"

Roman Reveals Back Injury-Sky Sports

Look at Roman being a team player! It is a pretty savvy idea to say you weren't included in the 18 for a relatively minor fixture, not because you suck, but because you had an unspecified semi-minor sounding injury. Keeps his price from dropping too much for us, keeps other clubs who might want to buy him from begging off due to drop in form. Come to think of it it can't really be a "drop" in form if there never was any there could it?

King Thinks Spurs Can Be The Main Threat To Cities Title Hopes-The Guardian

I love when players are feeling confident. It's a sign that postive things are coming, maybe that they are going to play a little above their usual best. I do not at all like it when players get hammered drunk and then call up a reporter and start saying things, as probably happened when this quote was given. We have had some good results as of late, on paper, but the team has not been playing "beat Man City" good and that's pretty damn obvious.  

Top Ten Wasted Talents In The EPL-Football Fancast

Prominently featured, two current Spurs players and the two highest scorers in the league last season. Why? Because that makes perfect sense.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Gary Smith Leaves Colorado Rapids-SB Nation Soccer

While the man did manage to take the team to its first MLS cup nobody should be sad to see this guy go. His team constantly plays ugly, negative, boring-ass football, and there was that thing where he metaphorically gave all of Central American football the finger.

MLS Announces Awards Finalists-SB Nation Soccer

I hate the MVP award. No matter what the sport, it pisses me off. Without fail some asshole will complain about someone who put up huge numbers being a finalist if their team didn't go far into the playoffs. This year's example is the MLS golden boot winner Dwayne DeRosario,but he was so useless that he played for three different teams in one season they will say and somehow despite playing with an unimaginable variety of players that nobody else in the league could even come close to having to adapt to, he lead the league in goals and had 12 assists. So, why can't we just scrap the MVP label and make it what it really should be: Player of the year? Yes, I know I am not being objective here.

Man U To Sign Yet Another Teenage Superstar-The Busby Babe

The rich get richer.